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The Smart Loop saves money in many different ways, find out more what you can do to save large sums of money here. Read More

Great for the environment

Chemicals used in conjunction with cleaning or appliances that wear out prematurely contributes to environmental degradation. Smart Loop's simple design lets your heat exchanger last a long time, and its function makes sure that you do not have to use chemicals in the cleaning process. Read More

News - New orders!

New orders have come in:
One DN50 valve to a Swedish refinery
Two DN300 and one DN200 valve to CLAB nuclear waste facility in Sweden. Read More

News - Exhibition in Stockholm 24-26 May 2016.

Thanks for visiting us in our booth at the International Wood Biorefining Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Read More

Smart Loop – boosting your Energy Management results and your HSE goals

Fouling and clogging of the plate heat exchanger is causing major problems for the industry.

The Smart Loop is made to backflush heat exchangers with short intervals without disruption of the operation. By changing the direction of the flow, it flushes the particles out from the heat exchanger. Zero liquid discharge. Zero risk of liquids mixing.

It also prevents biofouling, ie build-up of algae and other organisms.

The backflushing valve provides many benefits such as reduced production downtime for mechanical or chemical cleaning. The consequence is less wear on the heat exchanger and saves the environment from chemical cleaning products.

Smart Loop keeps the heat exchanger clean from biofouling, fiberfouling and sedimentation.


Plate heatexchanger manufacturers own words:

The manufacturers recommend backflushing on a regular basis to keep the plate heatexchangers clean and hence reduce maintenance and unnecessary energy consumption:

Alfa LavalPM for plate/frame heat exchangers [RSES Journal June 2012]

TranterMaintaining a Plate Heat Exchanger

GEAGEA Plate Heat Exchanger (§8.2.2)


How it works

Smart Loop backflushes the heat exchanger by changing the direction of flow inside the system. Read More

Where it works

Smart Loop works in any situation where you use plate heat exchangers, regardless of application. Read More


One customer that realized the benefits of the Smart Loop is Holmen Paper Braviken outside Norrkoping (Sweden), one of the world's most efficient paper mills. Click here to learn more on the benefits they experience. Read More